Sustainability Research Workshop, Fall 2012

September 22, 2012, 10a – 4:30p, Sage 5101 Russell Sage Lab

Hosted by Rensselaer’s Interdisciplinary Excellence in Sustainability Studies Task Force, convened by Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Dean Mary Simoni.  Task force members: Kim Fortun (chair), Shengbai Zhang, Peter Fox, Jose Holguin-Veras, Abby Kinchy, Phillippe Baveye, Michael Mascarenhas, Robert Chernow, Faye Duchin, Mark Mistur.

The aim of the task force and this workshop is to develop strength and a signature identity for Rensselaer in Sustainability Studies.  The task force has identified potential for interdisciplinary collaboration as a notable strength at Rensselaer, which it will work to cultivate.

Workshop presentations by Rensselaer faculty will describe the focus and key methods of the discipline in which they work, how their discipline writ large has engaged sustainability issues, their own current and planned projects, and their sense of the need and potential for interdisciplinary collaboration in sustainability studies.

Be sure to check out the following from the workshop:





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