STS Undergraduates Present in Research Symposium

STS Undergraduates Present in Research Symposium

On Wednesday, May 1, undergraduates in RPI’s Fracking Research Group presented their research in an undergraduate research symposium hosted by the Department of Science and Technology Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Some students presented senior thesis research.  Others are involved in the Institute’s Undergrad Research Program. The full program is below:


May 1, 2013 10:00-3:00 UNION 3203 

10:15 Elle Mileti (Torrington, CT) (STS-DIS + Mechanical Engineering, 2013)

Leahy-Smith America Invents Act: Why YOU Should be Concerned

10:30 Hsin Dat Li (Colonie, NY) (STS + Biomed Eng + Biomed Eng MS)

Biopreparedness in the 21st Century: Establishing a Sustainable and Resilient Local Community

10:45 Elise Wilbourn (Crestwood, KY)  (Environmental Science, 2014)

Limits on the Availability of Water Quality Monitoring Data from the  Marcellus Shale Area 

11:00 Nick Lawrence (Bolton, MA) (STS-SUST + Mechanical Engineering)

A Framework for a Comprehensive Analysis of Communities Experiencing Extractive Industries

11:15 Joe DiLuzio (Cromwell, CT) (STS-Ecological Economics, Values and Policy MS)

How Positions form on Risk Based Controversies: An Analysis of the High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Debate

1:00 Greg Niguidula (Barrington, RI) (STS-SUST + Biology)  

Limits of Understanding: Emerging Criticisms of Shale Gas Development

1:10 Matai Blacklock (Carmel, NY) (STS-SUST + Mechanical Engineering) & Nick Radomski (Wyoming, NY) (Mechanical Engineering)

Commodity Chain Analysis of the Public Health, Environmental, and Social Effects of Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction

1:30 Lisa McDevitt (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) (STS Sustainability Studies + Geology. 2014)

Fracking-Induced Air Pollution: An Analysis of the Existing Research

1:40 KJ Harmon (Boyertown, PA) (STS-SUST + Biomedical Eng)

Assessing Health Impacts of Fracking 

1:50 Elizabeth Anderson (West Bend, Wisconsin) (STS-Sustainability Studies, 2014)

Hydrofracking and Zoning

2:00 Orlando J. Hernandez, Jr. (Williamstown, New Jersey) (Science, Tech and Society, 2015)

Fighting Fracking: An Analysis of Multiple Legal Approaches

2:10 Ernesto Villasenor (Compton, California, 2014)  (STS Sustainability Studies, 2014)

Hydraulic Fracturing in Los Angeles County: Environmental and Public Health Implications

2:20 Fracking Research Futures

3:00 Closing