RPI EcoEd Program Guidelines

EcoEd research programs and workshops are designed to enrich the education of students who are curious, seeking challenge, and prepared to work hard. Programs are designed to enhance students’ organizational, analytic, writing and oral presentation skills, their understanding of complex environmental issues, and their investment in their own education. The programs cultivate global perspective and college readiness, and give students a sense of how demanding and fun research and critical analysis can be.

EcoEd programs are designed and staffed by RPI students, under the direction of Professor Kim Fortun. Programs are intended to be educationally valuable for both RPI and younger students. It is thus critical that all participants are fully cooperative, collegial and prepared to complete assigned work on schedule. Discipline problems or recurrent failure to meet deadlines will result in being asked to leave a program.
EcoEd research program moves students through a structured research process in which they learn how to develop research questions, annotated bibliographies, research memos, and both oral and written research presentations. For programs to be successful, students must meet the deadlines that move them through the research process. Most programs expect approximately three hours of homework each week, and usually have a written assignment due prior to each weekly meeting. All programs conclude with a final written and oral presentation. Participating students are expected to see programs through to completion, making every effort to be available for scheduled presentations.

EcoEd workshops are shorter programs, running for a few hours or over a few days. Like EcoEd Research programs, workshops are carefully designed by RPI students, who look forward to seeing younger students move through and learn from them. Participating students should come to workshops prepared to work hard and creatively – independently and in teams – and must plan to see workshops through to completion.