2017 RPI EcoEd Research Program

Research Theme:  Go Fix It! Searching for Sustainability Solutions 
RPI EcoEd’s 2018 Young Researchers Program will focus on ways people have designed solutions to sustainability problems — through creative work to design schools, homes, neighborhoods, and a wide array of consumer products to decrease negative environmental impacts and, at their best, develop “regenerative” solutions that have net positive effects (socially, environmentally, economically). With an RPI mentor, students in grades 4-12 will research, write about, and present different sustainability solutions to a particular problem, learning about who developed the solutions, why, challenges they faced, and long-term impacts. Young researchers will also propose their own solutions, building on what they have learned through their research.

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Introductory meeting Thursday, February 8, 4-6pm

Weekly research meetings Thursdays, 4-6pmFebruary 15 – April 26

Poster session Saturday, April 28

Symposium Sunday, April 29 

Students should expect approximately 5 hours of homework each week.

The program is free, but space is very limited.

Applications and teacher references are due Friday, January 19.  If a student has participated in the EcoEd Research Program in previous years, a teacher reference is not required.

Note that the application process can be initiated – and requests for references sent to teachers – before student essays are complete. Acceptances will be announced by Friday, January 26.

Each application must include the following 1) an application form (including contact information for a teacher who can provide a recommendation) 2) four brief (200-300 words) essay responses to the questions provided. The application form should be submitted sufficiently in advance of the January 19 deadline to allow time for the designated teacher to submit a recommendation. Once the application form is submitted, the teacher will receive a recommendation request through email.

Please direct questions to Professor Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn at brcostelloekuehn@gmail.com.