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Interconnections – Earth Week Schedule, Spring 2016

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Interconnections – Earth Week Festival, Spring 2014

Earth Week Research and Arts Festival, Spring 2013

Sustainability Research Workshop, Fall 2012

Meeting: “Connecting Sustainability Educators”
Feb 24 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

This open and informal meeting will provide a chance for k-PhD educators in the Capital Region to meet and share information about both current and potential sustainability education initiatives. The goal is to begin building a network of educators who can share ideas and resources, working together to conceptualize and extend sustainability education across grade levels.

Please RSVP, or let us know if you would like to receive future information about sustainability education.

Workshop: “Connecting Sustainability Educators: Initiatives and Visions”
Apr 21 @ 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Sponsored by Rensselear’s Sustainability Studies Program.

This workshop will bring together people involved in education at all levels who are already offering or are interested in sustainability education. Presentations will describe diverse sustainability education initiatives, and visions for expanding sustainability education to students of all ages.   Presentations will be short, with time for discussion about nuts, bolts, challenges and motivations. The goal is to connect people, share ideas and curriculum modules, and advance plans to dramatically and creatively extend sustainability education in New York State.

The workshop is free; advance registration is required.  Lunch will be provided, and childcare will be available.  Register below.

Following the workshop, participants can attend an outdoor world drum concert and musical procession that ends in RPI’s EMPAC concert hall with a performance of Susie Ibarra’s newly commissioned Earth Week tribute, Circadian Rhythms.  The performance will interweave percussion from diverse traditions with diverse animal and bird recordings from Cornell’s Macaulay Library – celebrating biological, cultural and sensory diversity.

For a full description of Earth Week activities at RPI (including a full day of panels, lectures and children’s events on Saturday, April 20), see our Earth Week Festival Events Schedule.

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Connecting Sustainability Educators!
Sep 8 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sunday, September 8, 2-4, RPI will host an open meeting of sustainability educators in the Capitol Region. This meeting will be the third in a series to bring together k-12, community and university educators working to develop, deliver and institutionalize sustainability education reaching student of all ages. This meeting will be an opportunity to learn about initiatives in the region, and discuss potential collaboration. We will also formalize a process for participating in the New York State Sustainability Education Working Group, representing the Capital Region.

Following the meeting, participants are welcome to attend the first film in RPI’s Sustainability Film Series, Gasland2. The film will be screened at 4pm in DCC 308.

Capital Region Sustainability Educators’ Working Group Meeting
Feb 2 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Capital Region Sustainability Educators' Working Group Meeting @ Union 3606 | Troy | New York | United States

This meeting of sustainability educators in the Capitol Region is an opportunity to make new connections, learn about initiatives in the region, and discuss potential collaboration. All interested in environmental and sustainability education are welcome.  On Sundays, there is free parking along 15th Street.

This meeting will be used to review and plan for activities in 2014, with this agenda:

Brief introduction and history of the working group.

  • RPI Sustainability Studies Program
  • Solar energy education initiative
  • STANYS collaboration

Activities already underway for    

  • RPI EcoEd programs for k-12 students (in-school, after school and at RPI)
  • RPI Earth Week Festival
  • STANYS Lab Day: Fracking Jeopardy Game and Debate

 Proposed activities for 2014

curriculum development and sharing

  • Continue and codify the Solar Energy Education Initiative
  • Launch collaborative curriculum initiatives on additional topics
  • Design and build a web platform to support curriculum sharing

funding sustainability education

  • field trip fund

building sustainability capacity among teachers, administrators and BOEs

  • Webinar for environmental science teachers
  • Statewide meeting of sustainability educators

BOE Resolutions and Certification Programs

  • Brittonkill BOE Green Schools Resolution
  • Certification programs for campuses, administrators, teachers and students
Capital Region Sustainability Educators’ Working Group Meeting
Mar 2 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Capital Region Sustainability Educators’ Working Group Meeting
Apr 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Public Discussion: Intergenerational Ethics, Environment, and Public Education
Apr 22 @ 8:15 pm – 9:45 pm

This discussion will bring together diverse representatives of the community to consider the intergenerational ethics of stewarding the public goods of environment and education.  Participants will include  teachers, students, environmentalists, administrators, parents, clergy, elected officials, and others concerned about these entwined issues.



Earth Week Finale Festival
Apr 26 @ 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

EW Saturday Poster April 9


Rensselaer’s Earth Week Festival Finale will celebrate Interconnections – between students of different ages, between students and sustainability professionals, between the university and the Troy community.  The afternoon will feature:

  • Performances
  • Games
  • Educational Demos
  • Food
  • Films
  • Discussions
  • A Green Careers Meet and Greet

The Festival Finale will showcase and celebrate teaching and research focused on environmental sustainability, and RPI students will run kiosks for kids to share their excitement and knowledge about an array of environmental topics.  There will be performances by jugglers, parkour athletes, and music ensembles, a green career meet-and-greet, and a screening of the film, Bidder 70, followed by a discussion run by RPI students about intergenerational ethics and environmental activism.


The Festival Finale will be at the RPI Student Union on 15th Street.  All activities will be free and open to the public.

Meeting: Capital Region Sustainability Educators’ Working Group
Oct 5 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Meeting: Capital Region Sustainability Educators' Working Group @ Radix Center/Campus South Center | Albany | New York | United States

Meetings of sustainability educators in the Capitol Region are opportunities to make new connections, learn about initiatives in the region, and discuss potential collaboration. All interested in environmental and sustainability education are welcome.
The meeting on Sunday, October 5 will convene in Albany, first at the Radix Center, then across the street at the new Campus South Center.

Radix is an urban environmental education center featuring a demonstration site of sustainable tools and technologies. These include a passive solar greenhouse, aquaponics, rain water collection, microlivestock, composting, and renewable energy systems. Director Scott Kellogg will lead a tour of the facility and describe opportunities for teacher training and school visits, and ways sustainable technologies can be integrated into classrooms and k-12 school campuses. See this short video about the Radix Center.

The Campus South Center is a new, HUD-funded community education facility offering a unique mix of courses and programs. After a brief tour by Director James Thomas, we will meet in a classroom in the Center to discuss on-going and new initiatives of the Capital Region Sustainability Network, including the following:

  • A Capitol Region Sustainability Field Trip Map and Passport.
  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon K-12 Schools Program, with
  • college interns to help with reporting and program development.
  • Roving Sustainability Educators Program (akin to artists-in-the-schools programs).
  • Sustainability Curriculum Development and Sharing.


Since early 2012, the New York State Sustainability Educators’ Working Group has convened to advance sustainability education across the state, P-16 (preschool through college). Regions were asked to form working groups. In late 2013, a Capitol Region Sustainability Educators’ Working Group was formed; RPI’s EcoEd Research Group has served as convener. Co